Happy ending massage

"Happy ending" may sound a bit tacky. In fact our service is a zillion times better than those cheap Chinese beauty-parlor 5-minute masturbations. Our masseuses have a real professional training and are professional masseuses. They master not just erotic massage but have a foundation on therapy massage.


happy ending massage Barcelona

What is "happy ending" massage

Let's use that "happy ending" word just to be straightforward about our service. Erotic Tantra massage can take you to climax and ejaculation. This is what they call "happy ending" so you also got it with us. Though in the context of a quality massage that we describe on our massage prices page.

Our service is a blissful one. The erotic masseuse you choose will work all of your body, from head to toes, to deliver an amazing experience that includes your climax.

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If you don't intend to climax please let her know. All of our masseuses will respect your limits. They also expect you to respect their limits. Please remember masseuses are no escort. We are not playing with the wrong words.

"Happy ending" and lingam massage

Lingam massage is a relevant part of erotic Tantra massage. It is present in all of our massage menus. Relaxing massage, medium erotic massage and of course in our extremely erotic massage. In this last menu you can enjoy it twice and also achieve ejaculation twice.

Happy ending sex massage

Orgasm and ejaculation is not the only purpose. Many times it comes as a side effect if the job is correctly done. You are welcomed to ask for orgasm and climax, our ladies are trained to serve you with the most blissful and sweet lingam massage —for your pleasure.

The real purpose of "happy ending" massage is your pleasure and relaxation. Your mind will probably get empty and then focus on a special and rare oasis where your thoughts drift to a pleasing landscape of peace, pleasure and a blissful emptiness. Worries are forgotten and you will enjoy a very deserved time of abandoning yourself. You will forget stress and job.


"Happy ending" massage can be served
 with the masseuses' hands
and using body and breasts.


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Erotic massage hotel Barcelona


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happy ending massage Barcelona

Erotic massage hotel Barcelona